Boilers heat your commercial space or your home with water instead of air. There are two types of boilers – steam and water. Hot water boilers dispense heat through radiators or a radiant flooring system. Steam boilers dispense heat through pipes to steam radiators. Boilers can run on gas, oil, electricity or wood pellets.

The cost of installing a boiler is greater than that of a furnace but they save you money over the life of the unit. Boilers are more energy efficient and save you on your monthly utility bills. Boilers do not have costly filters that need to be cleaned or changed. The use of water or steam vs. forced air reduces the allergens, dust and dirt that are spread through your home. Boilers provide consistent heat but tend to take longer to get to the desired temperature.

Let All Climate Mechanical help you determine if a boiler is the correct solution to your heating needs.

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