Boiler Controls


Let All Climate Mechanical help you find the Control that you need!

Whether you have a one stage, two-stage or four-stage boiler, we have the control for you.  The microprocessor based boiler controls regulate the supply water temperature based on either the outdoor air temperature or a setpoint demand.

Outdoor Reset

The benefits of installing Outdoor Reset Controls include

  • Improved boiler efficiency

A boiler without outdoor reset control maintains the boiler temperature based on the maximum set point, so on warmer days when there is little or no call for heat, most of the boiler’s energy is wasted.

The outdoor air reset feature resets the boiler’s setpoint based on the outdoor temperature–when the outdoor temperature goes up, the boiler’s set point can go down, saving significant energy.

  • Energy savings between 5 to 30%
  • Rebates may be available for purchase and installation of outdoor reset controls
  • Can be used on conventional or condensing boilers
  • Improved indoor comfort
  • Reduced CO2 emissions

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