This is an example of some of the rebates offered by some of the major energy providers in the Twin Cities area. Note these prices are examples as of March 2013.



There are many ways to lower your operating costs on boilers and there are rebates to help defray your up-front equipment costs.

Example: Outside Reset controls will allow the boiler water supply temperature to lower when the outside air temp increases, lowering energy cost as well as offering a rebate of $150 from CenterPoint Energy or a $200 rebate from Xcel Energy.

rheem-boilersBoiler Tune Ups: Some energy providers have rebates for boiler tune-ups.  This is a great benefit to you, not only will you have a well tuned boiler, you can receive 25% of the tune up cost up to $250.00 dollars per boiler (every other calendar year) from Xcel Energy, or 25% of the tune up cost up to $300.00 dollars per boiler (every other calendar year) from CenterPoint Energy.

There are many more rebates for boilers, Steam traps, VAV boxes, Controls, Motors, Lighting and there are also custom rebates available. Contact your local energy providers for more information on rebates in your area.

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