Unit Maintenance

Our HVAC Preventive Maintenance Program is the best in the industry. At All Climate we believe our maintenance programs should be performed by our well-trained service technicians who can find and address concerns before complex problems shut your system down. Every piece of equipment we cover in our contracts has a performance log sheet assigned. These performance log sheets are completed while we test your equipment and are also used to help us track any changes in performance from the previous years. Upon the completion of each scheduled maintenance check, the log sheets are returned to the shop where a supervisor reviews the sheets, yet again, as a further step to ensure consistency.

We custom fit the maintenance program to meet your needs, based on the type of equipment you have and your budget. We will never lock-you in to a contract. We believe if we perform our work to exceed your expectations, you will want to continue to call us for your service and maintenance needs.

Have you done all you can to protect your family, employees or tenants?  Carbon monoxide detectors are a great start, but they will only alert you when there is a problem – they will not prevent the problem from occurring or fix it once it happens.  Proper maintenance and cleaning of your gas fueled appliances and equipment is crucial to the prevention of carbon monoxide exposure. 

 A combustion analysis is the best way to determine if your boiler or furnace is running properly.   

What to Look For

The following danger signs may indicate a greater risk for carbon monoxide

  • A gas flame that is burning yellow or orange.  (All gas flames should burn BLUE)
  • Corrosion around exhaust vent pipes.
  • Improper ventilation
  • Sooty stains on or above appliances
  • Blocked chimney or flue

 Symptoms of Carbon Monoxide Exposure

  • Unexplained tiredness and drowsiness
  • Headaches that improve when you are away from your residence
  • Dizziness
  • Chest Pains
  • Nausea

If you are experiencing these symptoms, seek medical attention immediately.


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