Storm Damage Assessment

Unlike obvious visual damage to your car or the siding on your building, your air conditioning unit may have substantial storm or hail damage and you don’t even know it! Unlike residential air conditioning equipment, which is easily visible on the ground next to the building, most commercial air conditioning equipment is located on the roof and may be completely out of site. You may not know of the damage until months later when it’s too late for an insurance claim.

A little damage goes a long way! From our experience, hail damaged units with even slight damage are extremely hard to clean. Elements like dust, dirt, Dogwood, and other flying debris tend to drastically reduce the performance and efficiency of the equipment. Bottom line, the unit will run more at an increased electrical cost and may even be unable to cool the building properly; not to mention the reduced equipment life due to over working and over heating.

Depending on the severity of the damage the repairs may be able to be completed with a simple service call. However, if there is extensive damage and the unit is not repairable, a replacement may be recommended.

Best case scenario, there is no damage at all. In that case it may be wise to invest in a low cost hail guard to prevent any future damage.

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