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Our HVAC Preventive Maintenance Program is the Best in the Industry.

Preventive Maintenance Fridley

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Preventative Maintenance is extremely important. At All Climate we believe our programs should be performed by our well-trained service technicians who can find and address concerns before complex problems shut your system down. Every piece of equipment we cover in our contracts has a performance log sheet assigned. These performance log sheets are completed while we test your equipment and are also used to help us track any changes in performance from the previous years. Upon the completion of each scheduled Preventative Maintenance check, the log sheets are returned to the shop where we review the sheets, yet again, as a further step to ensure consistency.

Types of buildings we service:

At All Climate we provide services for Apartment Buildings, Commercial and Industrial Buildings, Office Buildings, Condominiums, Hotels, Multi Tenant Strip Malls, Pool Buildings, Residential Homes and many other properties. We know your equipment, for Preventative Maintenance call us today at: 763-548-8095


A Better Filter:

filter-capacityWe use only quality filters on all of our accounts.  Its a big part of Preventative Maintenance. Using the best filter for your equipment and building environment can help reduce energy costs and well as protect your equipment from breakdown.  It will reduce the dust and allergans in the air creating a healthier environment for your staff.  Use our quality filters and protect your expensive equipment.

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Custom Contracts:

At All Climate we do not have “lock-in contracts!” We believe if we perform our work to exceed your expectations, you will want to continue to call us for your service and maintenance needs. Our contracts are customized to fit your needs and are displayed in a one-year format. However, if you are not satisfied with our service, you may call and cancel before your next Preventative Maintenance is performed.

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