AC Repair in Blaine MN

If you live in a hot climate and rely on your air conditioner, you probably know how important it is to keep your unit working properly. If your air conditioning isn’t working well enough, here are some signs that might indicate whether or not it needs repair: AC Repair in Blaine MN

AC Repair in Blaine MN

Is Your Air Conditioner Getting Old?

If your air conditioner is 10 or more years old, it may be time to consider replacing it. If you still have an older unit that works well and seems to hold up well in the heat and humidity of summer, then you can probably keep using it for a few more years. However, if your unit has given any signs of trouble lately—such as rattling sounds or smells—you should consider having it serviced by a professional so that they can assess whether repairs are needed.

How Often Do You Change the Filters?

As an air conditioner owner, you should be changing the filter of your unit every three months. While this may not seem like a lot of time, it is important to remember that these filters collect particles from the air in your home and can become full very quickly. If you have pets or smokers in the house, you will want to clean or replace your filters more often than this.

Does it Take a While to Cool Down a Room?

If the unit is not cooling down the room when you turn on the AC, then it might not be able to do its job properly and needs maintenance or repair. If your HVAC unit takes too long to warm up your living space after turning on the heat setting, then it might need servicing or fixing before winter sets in.

A faulty thermostat can also cause your AC unit to run inefficiently, which means it will turn on and off frequently.

Is There Ice Forming on Your AC Unit?

If you have ice forming on the outside of your AC unit, it’s usually normal. Ice is a sign that your outdoor unit is working properly. The condenser is removing heat from the air inside the home and releases it through the refrigerant tubing into the compressor coils. That heat then turns into a gas, which travels back to your indoor air handler. The refrigerants move through an expansion valve that releases some of its pressure as a cold liquid, while still maintaining enough pressure for everything to work properly. Finally, this cold liquid goes through an evaporator coil where it transfers some heat from inside your home back into itself before returning outside again through another refrigerant line called an internal duct system.

However, if ice forms on either side of these pipes instead, something isn’t working correctly. Either there isn’t enough coolant flowing through them, causing them not to be able to get rid of excess heat fast enough, or there isn’t enough airflow going over them due to clogged filters or dirty coils.


Does it Emit Any Unusual Odors or Sounds?

If your AC unit has been emitting an unusual smell or sound, it could be a sign of a serious problem. That odor could indicate that there’s a leak somewhere in the system. The same goes for those strange noises—they may have nothing to do with the actual AC unit itself, but if they’re loud enough to bother you, then they’re probably worth investigating further.

If both odors and sounds are present at once, then chances are good that something major is going on inside your HVAC system. In these cases, we recommend contacting an expert as soon as possible!

AC Repair in Blaine MN

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, your AC unit likely needs repair. You should reach out to a local HVAC contractor for more information on AC repair. You can contact our team of contractors today at All Climate Mechanical in Blaine, Minnesota.

AC Repair in Blaine MN

AC Repair in Blaine MN

AC Repair in Blaine MN

Commercial AC Cleaning

Commercial AC Cleaning | AC Cleaning Brooklyn Park | Commercial AC Cleaning Fridley

Why Should You Clean Your Commercial AC Condensing Units & Evaporator Coils? Commercial AC Condensing Units & Evaporator Coils operate with greater efficiency levels and are more likely to need maintenance due to changes in coil design (thinner fins, more surface area, thinner tubing, rifled tubing, etc), changes in refrigerants, and so on. At All Climate Mechanical we protect our clients investment in Commercial AC Condensing Units & Evaporator Coils. It’s Important to understand that on condenser coils, dirt “makes you run with a higher head pressure.” For evaporator coils, it causes “low airflow and low suction pressure, which has a tendency to flood the compressor back.

Evaporator Coils that haven’t been cleaned can have quite a buildup of dirt and may be clogged with debris. Let’s look at a 10-ton unit using a Copeland 9RJ compressor. With a clean condenser coil at 168-lb pressure, “You’re getting the equivalent of 10 tons of cooling at 27 amps.” If that condenser is dirty, it can raise the head pressure to 298 lb, “which reduces the capacity to about 7.5 tons and increases the amperage to 32.75 amps. Besides reducing system capacity and increasing costs, a dirt buildup will also increase heat which can become a major problem. The increase in heat on the compressor is what knocks them out. A dirty condenser coil will also shorten the life of your fan motors because it’s running too hot.” Dirty coils can also lead to Sick Building Syndrome problems, due to the microbiological growth that can be generated.

Commercial AC Cleaning


The Advantages of Keeping Evaporator Coils Clean Include:

  • Equipment operates cooler because it’s removing more heat
  • You have lower operating amperage, resulting in lower operating costs
  • Compressor capacities are maximized resulting in less run time
  • Commercial Commercial AC Condensing Units & Evaporator Coils last longer
  • Have All Climate Mechanical clean your Commercial AC Condensing Units & Evaporator Coils once a year
  • Clients around cottonwood trees may need service twice in the summer

Learn More Here about a free, no obligation appointment for a preventative maintenance proposal for your Commercial AC Condensing Units & Evaporator Coils. Read this article if you would like to learn more about of  The Benefits of Clean Air.

All Climate Mechanical’s technicians have come across some incredibly filthy evaporator coils. That’s why we educate our clients on how dirty their Commercial AC Condensing Units & Evaporator Coils can become. Despite the fact that our technicians encountered some incredibly filthy evaporator coils, we haven’t come across a coil we couldn’t clean yet.

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Give us a call at 763-548-8095 for emergency service or to schedule a visit from an All Climate Mechanical Technician for your Commercial AC Cleaning needs.