Heat Pumps

At All Climate we know Heat Pumps!

We are experts at installing and replacing heat pumps in office buildings, hotels, and manufacturing facilities.

heatpump-2Heat Pump Maintenance

We have Maintenance programs designed specifically for heat pumps and heat pump buildings to address the complex problems before they shut you down.

Know Your Heat Pump System

The picture below is an illustration of the basic heat pump design. A heat pump is designed to provide either heating or cooling, as needed. The standard refrigeration cycle is modified as shown to the right, the key is the reversing valve. In cooling the evaporator coil supplies the air to the space removing the heat from the air and the condenser coil removes the heat from the refrigerant to out side though cooling towers or air coils. In the heat mode the refrigerant flow is reversed, the indoor coil becomes the condenser coil and provides heat to the space, the evaporator coil extracts the heat from the system boiler or from the outside air. During spring and fall it is common in water source heat pump building to have the perimeter heat pumps operating in heating and the interior heat pumps to run in cooling allowing the boiler and cooling tower to operate very little. If you would like to know more about heat pump system please call.


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