Pool Equipment

All Climate Mechanical offers the knowledge and experience you need to solve your complex pool heating and ventilating problems.

As all building managers know, pools can put a large dent in your budget for your property and when the ventilation system fails the system needs to be repaired quickly and correctly to prevent damage from excessive humidity. We would like to give you the help you need to reduce the possibilities of failures with a detailed maintenance program customized to meet your specific needs, or if you’re not ready for a maintenance program, you can always count on us for our speedy response time when you need it.


Reducing your energy costs:

Most buildings with pools have humidity controls or time clocks operating the ventilation equipment, in which, most of them require adjustments from time to time. About 80% of the time when we first go to a pool room, we have found the ventilation equipment is operating too much, wasting energy or not often enough, causing damage to the building. We test the humidity levels and adjust the controls as required for minimal energy while maintaining a healthy building.

Cleaning & Replacement of failed Heat Exchangers
Pool Alarms & Operating Controls
Gas Fired Boiler Repairs, Maintenance and Replacement
Pump Repair & Replacement
Complete Pool-room Environmental Systems
Pool Heat Pumps and Dehumidification Equipment
All Makes and Models
Large Commercial Heat Recovery Systems allow you to exchange fresh air without wasting energy in fall and winter
Even small Exchangers can save large amounts of money

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