Water Heater Maintenance

Very few people know that in order to keep your water heater running properly and efficiently very simple maintenace procedures need to be performed. (These come with the instructions and are often overlooked.)

As water is pumped into your water heater tank dirt, sediment and various minerals settle on the bottom. Depending on your water quality these extra “ingredients” can add up rather quickly robbing your water heater’s efficiency and costing you in the long run. If left unchecked they can not only make your water heater work harder but also allow your tank to rust and slowly be eaten away until you need to replace the entire unit which is very costly yet easily preventable.

Call All Climate Mechanical for your annual water heater maintenance service. One of our plumbers will inspect your water heater utilizing our comprehensive checklist to ensure your water heater is operating at optimal efficiency. By having an annual inspection, if we find minor issues we can repair them before they become major problems. Our service technicians are not paid on commission and we do not recommend unnecessary repairs.


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