Why should I add humidity to my building?

For Comfort in:

  • Office Buildings
  • Banks
  • Doctor offices and hospitals
  • Dentist offices
  • Houses

For Production:

  • Printing
  • Medical assembly
  • Data and computer rooms
  • Clean rooms

For Products:

  • Furniture and wood storage
  • Paper storage
  • Sensitive Electronics

For Savings:

  • Lower heating set point
  • Free cooling
  • Up grade old humidity system

What is so important about humidity?

In buildings where air is being exchanged, humidifying that air is almost always desirable for personal comfort in the winter when the out door humidity leval may be as low as 10% we feel cold and uncomfortable when the actual space temp is at the normal set point. An example of this would be when a person takes a shower, after the shower the bathroom feels warm but when you step out of the bathroom you feel cold and uncomfortable this is due to the lower humidity out side the bathroom. If humidity is added to the space people are comfortable at a lower heating set point saving some money in annual energy costs.

When it comes to sensitive manufacturing or sophisticated electronic equipment such as the electronics found in computer rooms or hospital diagnostic centers, proper humidification in these areas will greatly reduce the dangers of static electricity. This can otherwise cause errors in important readings and possibly cause expensive equipment to fail. Also with print shops, photographic labs and electronic manufacturers, an efficient humidification system will ensure smooth consistent production. Likewise, in fruit and vegetable storage rooms, a controlled humidity environment helps maintain freshness and quality.

All Climate can help you with your critical humidity problems. We have installed and maintained all the systems listed below from many different manufactures, they all have there different applications please read on to see witch application will suite your facilities needs the best or call us and let us help you make the correct decision.

What types of humidifiers are available?

  • Air Assist Atomization
  • High Pressure Atomization
  • Ultrasonic
  • Infrared Humidification
  • Steam To Steam Humidifiers
  • Electric Steam Humidifier
  • Gas Fired Humidifiers
  • Printing and Paper Industries

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