Air Conditioning in Golden Valley MN

Air Conditioning in Golden Valley MN | How does Air Conditioning work?

As summer approaches and temperatures start to rise, having a reliable air conditioning system becomes crucial for maintaining comfort and a pleasant indoor environment. If you’re in Golden Valley, MN, or the surrounding areas, and in need of AC services such as installation, repair, or maintenance, All Climate Mechanical is the AC company you can rely on. If you need help with your Air Conditioning in Golden Valley MN, look no further than All Climate Mechanical. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at how air conditioning works and why it is essential for residential and commercial cooling.

How do AC units work?


Air conditioning systems work by removing heat and moisture from the indoor air, resulting in a cooler and more comfortable environment. They accomplish this through a process called refrigeration. The basic components of an air conditioning system include an evaporator coil, a condenser coil, a compressor, and a refrigerant.

Evaporator Coils

The process begins with the evaporator coil, which is typically located inside the building. When the air conditioner is turned on, the compressor starts working, and the refrigerant, a chemical compound with excellent heat transfer properties, circulates through the system. The refrigerant enters the evaporator coil as a low-pressure gas and begins absorbing heat from the surrounding air.

As the warm air passes over the evaporator coil, the refrigerant absorbs the heat energy and evaporates into a low-pressure vapor. At this stage, the refrigerant has removed the heat from the indoor air, resulting in cooler air circulating back into the room. The evaporator coil also plays a role in removing moisture from the air, contributing to dehumidification.

Condenser Coils

The vaporized refrigerant is then transported to the outside unit of the air conditioning system, where the condenser coil is located. In the condenser coil, the refrigerant is exposed to the outside air, which causes it to release the heat it absorbed from the indoor air. This heat transfer process causes the refrigerant to condense back into a high-pressure liquid.


To facilitate the release of heat, the condenser coil is equipped with metal fins that increase its surface area, allowing for more efficient heat dissipation. A fan blows air over the condenser coil, helping to cool down the refrigerant and expel the heat into the outdoor environment. Once the refrigerant has shed its heat, it returns to a liquid state and flows back to the evaporator coil to repeat the cooling cycle.

The compressor, often referred to as the heart of the air conditioning system, plays a vital role in the refrigeration process. It is responsible for pressurizing the refrigerant and circulating it through the system. The compressor is located in the outdoor unit and is powered by an electric motor. As the refrigerant passes through the compressor, its pressure and temperature increase, allowing it to transfer heat efficiently.

Regular maintenance and professional AC service are essential to keep your air conditioning system running smoothly and efficiently. All Climate Mechanical, the leading AC contractor in Golden Valley, MN, offers comprehensive AC maintenance and repair services. Their team of experienced technicians can diagnose and fix any issues your air conditioning system may have, ensuring optimal performance and energy efficiency. All Climate Mechanical also offers after hours emergency AC repair services to help you when you need it most. They have the experience and expertise to handle any type of HVAC repair or replacement project, including installation of central air conditioning systems and heat pumps. If you need help with your Air Conditioning in Golden Valley MN, look no further than All Climate Mechanical.

Installing a new AC unit

When it comes to installing a new air conditioning system, whether in a residential or commercial setting, it’s crucial to rely on an experienced HVAC company like All Climate Mechanical. Their knowledgeable technicians will assess your cooling needs, recommend the right system size and type, and provide professional AC installation services. They are well-versed in AC installation in Minnesota and can guide you through the process, from selecting the right equipment to ensuring a seamless installation.

In addition to air conditioning services, All Climate Mechanical also specializes in residential and commercial heating, furnace installation, furnace repair, and furnace maintenance. They are your go-to furnace contractor in Golden Valley, MN, for all your residential and commercial heating needs.

To prepare for the upcoming summer months, make sure your air conditioning system is in top shape. Schedule an appointment with All Climate Mechanical for AC maintenance, repair, or installation. Their dedicated team is committed to providing reliable and efficient cooling solutions for homes and businesses in Golden Valley, MN, and the surrounding areas. Stay cool and comfortable all summer long with All Climate Mechanical!

At All Climate Mechanical, we’d be happy to help you with Furnace Replacement, Roof Top Heating Units, Residential Heating, Thru-the-Wall Systems, Ductless Split Systems, Thermostats and Controls, Preventative Maintenance, and more! If you still have any questions after reading this article, always consult your local HVAC professional. We’re always happy to help so give us a call today!

Air Conditioning in Golden Valley MN

Air Conditioning in Golden Valley MN

Air Conditioning in Golden Valley MN

Air Conditioning in Golden Valley MN

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