Furnace Repair Champlin MN

There are several potential problems that could impact your furnace. Local HVAC contractors can help make necessary repairs to keep your home safe and warm this winter. Part 1 of this blog series noted that a lack of furnace maintenance, heat not being produced from the furnace, and dirty air filters are all common furnace problems. Here are 3 more common furnace problems: Furnace Repair Champlin MN

Problems With the Thermostat

Sometimes, the issue lies with your thermostat. First, ensure your thermostat is switched to the heat setting and set the temperature a few degrees higher. If your furnace is operating as it should, you should feel a difference in room temperature. You should also check and change the batteries on your thermostat. If you have a programmable thermostat, check that the date and time are correct as your system may operate on a timer. If you are still experiencing problems with your furnace, contact your local HVAC company to see if you require furnace repair.

Damaged Heat Exchanger

Your heat exchanger is a key component of your furnace, and it can become damaged in several ways. Cracks or open seams might impact the heat exchanger in different places from heat stress, mechanical stress, or mechanical damage. It may endure rust from condensate leaks from an air conditioner coil, humidifier leaks, or just from being in a location where it has gotten wet. Gasket or sealant leaks may occur from broken crimped rings or leaking seals and/or gaskets. Getting a Preventative Maintenance check is a key way to determine if your heat exchanger is damaged and if you need a heat exchanger replacement. It’s critical to replace your heat exchanger because damaged heat exchangers can be the source of carbon monoxide gas leaks.

Your Furnace is Just Old

There comes a time that your furnace will have served its duty and is past its due date. A typical furnace will last between 12-17 years. However, after 15 years of furnace operation, your furnace will be at a higher risk of breaking. Furnace maintenance is critical to promote a longer lifespan of your furnace; various components will get dirty and damaged without proper care. Getting furnace service will help your furnace operate longer. If your furnace is old or damaged beyond repair, it’s time to get a new furnace. Benefits of getting a furnace replacement are plentiful. They operate more quietly and promote better energy efficiency compared to old furnaces. What’s more, is newer furnaces have a longer lifespan (20-25 years!). Contact your local HVAC company to inquire about getting a furnace replacement.

If you have the need for furnace repair in Champlin, contact All Climate Mechanical. We know how important it is for your home to be safe and comfortable this winter, so we offer a variety of HVAC system services to ensure your home isn’t at risk of losing heat. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with an HVAC contractor in Champlin.

Furnace Repair Champlin MN

Furnace Repair Champlin MN

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