Furnace Troubleshooting Tips

Furnaces are long-lasting, but they can develop several issues over time. When they do, try these furnace troubleshooting tips to see if you can get your furnace to work again. We’ve divided these troubleshooting tips into categories depending on the types of furnace problems you’re having. Furnace Troubleshooting Tips

Check The Furnace Filter

The air filter should be the first thing you check. Filters in furnaces get dirty over time. Dust and dirt can easily block the filter, blocking circulation, lowering indoor air quality, and, in some situations, blocking the heater from turning on. Due to excessive dust and dirt, it can also create a fire hazard and cause early breakdowns

  • Before working on the furnace, turn off the thermostat and turn off the furnace switch
  • Take your filter up to a light source and see if light can pass through it easily. If it can’t, it needs a good cleaning or replacement
  • Keep in mind that the arrows on your new filter should go in the direction of the airflow
  • Make sure the entrance panel is properly closed
  • Check the thermostat after making sure that your furnace filter is clean and correctly placed
  • Ensure the thermostat is set to “heat” and at least 3 – 4 degrees warmer than the current room temperature.

Remove The Thermostat’s Batteries If They’re Expired

If you have an electrical thermostat, you may have to open it up and clean it lightly. Brush off the clogged-up dust and debris with a soft paintbrush or something similar.  Make sure that you are paying special attention to the wires and connection plates. If the brush is too big, try using a soft piece of cloth.

  • Make sure your thermostat isn’t receiving any incorrect readings from solar lamps, ovens, heaters, or any other heat source by checking its location. If the thermostat receives the wrong input, it will produce the error signal.
  • Check the electrical panel and the furnace switch.
  • The filter and thermostat are sometimes normal. Instead, power may be the issue.
  • Check the furnace switch, which is located close to the furnace. It’s possible that it was switched off by mistake. Attempt to turn it back on. If that doesn’t work, go to the power outlet.
  • Check to see if the switch or junction box is turned on.
  • Make sure the AC breaker is turned on if your breaker box is properly labeled. Look for the breaker switch that is in the opposite direction of the others, even if you don’t have any markings. That’s the breaker you’ll want to re-energize with the rest of the circuit breakers.

Check The Flame In The Furnace

A flame in your furnace must be a bright blue with a little yellowish tip. The blue flame shows that your gas furnace is efficiently and safely burning the fuel. Don’t try to change the color of your furnace’s flame on your own.

Gas Valve Or Pilot Light

If the furnace flame is out when you go to evaluate it, you’ll have to relight it. While you can relight the pilot on your own, use precaution and follow the instructions in your owner’s manual.

Before trying to relight the pilot, remember to switch off the gas for around 10-15 minutes. Do not continue if you start to smell gas! If you detect a leak, you should immediately evacuate your home and notify your gas company and the fire department.

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Furnace Troubleshooting Tips

Furnace Troubleshooting Tips

Furnace Troubleshooting Tips

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