How Do Ductless Air Conditioning Units Work

You may be wondering what goes into a ductless air conditioner? Well, it is exactly like any other central AC unit. It uses refrigerant to heat and cool your house but without ducts. This blog will go through ductless air conditioners, continue reading to learn more: How Do Ductless Air Conditioning Units Work

Ductless Air Conditioners are Becoming More Popular

Ductless air conditioners (also known as split system air conditioners) are becoming more popular these days. This is because they offer many benefits over traditional HVAC units. They are more energy-efficient and easier to install, for example. Ductless systems also have a few other advantages:

  • Ductless systems do not require ductwork installation, which means there’s no messy construction involved
  • You can easily move a ductless system from room to room or take it with you when you move out of your current home or apartment
  • You can customize the look and feel of each room by choosing an air conditioner that matches the existing décor

More Energy-Efficient Compared to Other HVAC Units.

Not only the installation process is easy but they are also more energy-efficient compared to other HVAC units. When it comes to energy efficiency, ductless AC units are better than central air systems. They offer an exclusive cooling system that makes use of a standard electrical outlet and allows you to cool your entire home or office without using any ductwork. The cooling capacity of these units can be controlled at the touch of a button, which helps in saving money on electricity bills as well because you will not need to switch off your AC when not required. Additionally, owing to their compact design, ductless air conditioners do not require much space for installation and maintenance purposes as well.

How Ductless AC Units Work

Ductless air conditioners work by cooling the condenser outside, then sending the cooled and dehumidified air throughout your home. The compressor is located in an outdoor unit. The compressor is what produces cold refrigerant gas that goes through coils in the condenser, which are mounted in an external housing. After the refrigerant has been cooled, it travels to a drier and then into a receiver tank. The receiver tank stores extra liquid refrigerant before it’s drained back into the outdoor unit’s compressor for reuse again.

Call Us If Your AC Unit Is Not Working Properly

If you have a ductless split system air conditioning unit and you think it’s not working properly, then call a local HVAC company today, like All Climate Mechanical at (763)-548-8095. We can help diagnose the problem and fix it. We can also help make sure your ductless AC unit is the right size for your home so that it works efficiently and effectively. We will install it, maintain it, and repair it if necessary.

For your air conditioning maintenance, installation, and services, feel free to contact All Climate Mechanical before summer begins. We are your local HVAC contractor in Osseo, Minnesota. Contact us today!

How Do Ductless Air Conditioning Units Work

How Do Ductless Air Conditioning Units Work

How Do Ductless Air Conditioning Units Work

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