New AC Unit Before Summer

Summer is fast approaching and if you have not had a new AC unit installed, it’s not too late. Summers in Minnesota can get hot and humid but if you have the right HVAC you can stay comfortable in your home this summer. Here are some more benefits of installing a new air conditioner before summer: New AC Unit Before Summer

Improve Home Aesthetics

With a new AC unit, you not only improve your comfort level, but also make your home more aesthetically pleasing. New AC units are much more energy-efficient than the outdated models that were installed in the past. If you have an old central air system in your home, it may be time for an upgrade. They can be very loud and annoying to hear when you are trying to relax or sleep at night. Newer models are also designed with quiet operation in mind which is often achieved by using smaller fans that do not require as much horsepower as older models required to operate them. This means that they run quietly and efficiently without causing any unwanted noise pollution inside or outside of the home.

Protect The AC Warranty

When you install a new central air conditioner in the summer, you will have warranty coverage. Most newer models come with at least a one-year warranty on parts and labor. If your current AC unit has been in service for more than 10 years, there is a good chance it may not be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty anymore if something goes wrong. f you want to keep your home comfortable without paying high repair bills or having to replace an expensive part, installing an AC unit before summer is a great way to get ahead of any potential problems.

Get On a Contractor’s Schedule Before It Fills Up

It is a good idea to get on the contractor’s schedule as early as possible. As your air conditioner ages and breaks down more often, there could come a time when it will not work for months at a time. Here in Minnesota, in addition to our cold winters, we can get very hot humid summers too. The summertime is a contractor’s busiest time so it is best to get on an HVAC contractor before their schedule fills up. If you schedule to install a new AC unit before summer, you will likely not have to be put on a waitlist like you might if you were to call in the middle of the summer. It is good to stay on top of maintenance for your home!

Installing an air conditioner can be complicated and expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. At All Climate Mechanical, we’ve got the experience, tools, and techniques needed to install your new air conditioning unit quickly, efficiently, and at a great price.

For your air conditioning maintenance and services, feel free to contact All Climate Mechanical before summer begins. We are your local HVAC contractor in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. Contact us for an appointment!

New AC Unit Before Summer

New AC Unit Before Summer

New AC Unit Before Summer

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