Summer Ready Air Conditioning

It is important to prepare your AC before the heat hits so that it doesn’t break down on you and leave you sweating it out in an over-hot house. If your system is working properly, you will have cool temperatures on hand as the heat rises. Summer Ready Air Conditioning

Clean Your Thermostat

If you have not cleaned your thermostat in a while, now’s the time. The most important thing to do? Take it off the wall and take off its cover! Then you can clean up with an alcohol wipe—just make sure there’s no moisture around before using them. After wiping down all surfaces, replace the cover and put your thermostat back on the wall. To check if everything’s working as it should be: turn up or down your temperature by several degrees and make sure that change occurs within 10 minutes of hitting “up” or “down.” If not, then something could be wrong with either your wiring or ductwork (if those are separate). If there is an issue, contact a local HVAC contractor and they can help fix the problem.

Check For Any Leaks In Air Conditioning Systems

It is important to know the condition of your air conditioning system to maintain a cool home during summer. Air leaks can be found by inspecting the tubes of the unit for any leaks. Check connections between ducts and refrigerant lines. Leaks are not uncommon here as well, so be sure that everything looks secure and tight before you take off on your summer vacation! Ducts should also be checked for holes or tears that could be causing a problem with performance or efficiency. A professional technician can help you determine if there’s an issue with them and offer solutions on how to fix it up before it becomes worse during warmer months when humidity levels increase dramatically due to hot temperatures outside.

Schedule An AC Maintenance Appointment With An HVAC Contractor 

To get your air conditioning unit ready for the summer, you might want to schedule an appointment with an HVAC contractor. They will inspect your air conditioning unit, check all the refrigerant levels, make sure there are no leaks, and clean the coils. They will also inspect the fan and ducts as well as perform routine maintenance tasks such as changing filters or changing out spark plugs in various parts of your system. 

Schedule an appointment with All Climate Mechanical and we will inspect your air conditioning system. We will be able to tell you if there are any issues with the equipment or the system that need to be addressed before summer arrives. You’ll want to make sure everything is working properly so that your AC can keep up with the heat!

For your air conditioning maintenance and services, feel free to contact All Climate Mechanical. We are your local HVAC contractor in Fridley, Minnesota. Contact us for an appointment!

Summer Ready Air Conditioning

Summer Ready Air Conditioning

Summer Ready Air Conditioning

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