The Key To A Long-Lasting Furnace Is Annual Spring Maintenance

Throughout winters, you rely on your furnace to keep you warm and comfortable, so it is important to make sure that it is in good condition. As the warm weather reappears you give your furnace a break, however, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be thinking about your furnace at all. In fact, before saying goodbye to your furnace in summer, you should schedule annual spring maintenance for your furnace.

Spring tune-ups will catch any potential problems in your furnace before they become bigger. It will help your furnace to run more efficiently and last longer. Furthermore, it will also save you money on energy costs. Here are four reasons why you should schedule annual spring maintenance.

Increased Efficiency And Lower Heating Bills

A clean and well-maintained furnace operates at its peak performance and helps to reduce energy costs and carbon footprint. Wear tear of components, loose connections or wiring, dirty furnace filter, dirt accumulation, all these issues can occur during its continued usage during the winters.

Your furnace efficiency can diminish due to these potential problems and due to extra work which leads to higher energy bills. Annual spring maintenance includes a thorough cleaning of the furnace, changing of air filters, and repairing of the faults found. This will improve your furnace efficiency, and reduce energy consumption which will dramatically lower your energy bills.

Prevents Costly Repairs

Furnace repair can be expensive. However, in spring, the annual maintenance of furnaces costs much less. Not all minor problems are safe, some lead to the complete malfunction of the furnace, and many homeowners aren’t aware of them, and they continue its usage, which leads to bigger problems or even causes furnace breakdown.

When you schedule annual spring tune-ups, professionals inspect the whole system and diagnose all the potential faults and correct them. Through annual maintenance you will keep your furnace in working condition, prevent costly repairs and reduce your heating bills.

Better indoor quality

The execution of annual spring maintenance can cut down the risks of poor indoor air quality. During your furnace maintenance, the technician removes all the dust and debris accumulated in your furnace interior and gives it a thorough cleaning. Exposure to polluted air can put your family at risk of a wide range of health issues which can trigger allergies and cause respiratory problems.

Dust and debris can negatively affect your furnace system and decrease its efficiency which causes a spike in your energy bills. The technician will clean the air filter or replace it if required. A dirty air filter compromises the airflow which causes your system to work harder and strains the system. A clean and upgraded air filter will also keep the air ducts cleaner and improve the air quality in your home. The best way to keep your furnace clean and prevent dust buildup is to schedule annual spring maintenance.


Combustion is a part of the process a furnace uses to create heat. Furnaces produce carbon Monoxide (CO) as a byproduct of combustion. Therefore, it is important to make sure that your house is properly ventilated. CO is a colorless and odorless gas that is lethal to our health. When your furnace is well maintained, it functions properly and vents dangerous gasses like CO out of your home.

That’s why it is important to have your furnace regularly inspected by a qualified technician. They can ensure that your furnace is operating safely and there is no risk of CO buildup. Another safety issue is poor ventilation. If your furnace isn’t circulating air properly it could lead to hot spots and fire hazards. Again it is something that can be resolved by annual spring maintenance.

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Annual Spring Maintenance

Annual Spring Maintenance

Annual Spring Maintenance

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