Furnace Installation in Mounds View MN

Are Gas or Electric Furnaces Cheaper?

Electric Furnaces Cost Less to Install

When comparing the price between gas and electric furnaces, one of the first things to consider is installation costs. Electric furnaces are cheaper to install than gas furnaces because they don’t require an external combustion unit or ductwork. Instead, an electric furnace is installed in the basement or attic of a home and uses electrical wiring to distribute heat throughout the house. When comparing installation costs between electric furnaces and gas furnaces, homeowners should note that they may have to hire an electrician to install the wiring needed for an electric furnace. If you’d like to learn more about Furnace Installation in Mounds View MN, then reach out to All Climate Mechanical today for all your needs!

Gas Furnaces Save Money Every Month on Fuel Bills

Gas furnaces are more expensive to install than electric furnaces, but they do save homeowners money on fuel costs. Natural gas is considerably cheaper than electricity, which dramatically reduces monthly fuel costs. The average homeowner spends about $100 each month on electric bills, while natural gas costs about half as much. The price of fuel also fluctuates over time and can increase or decrease depending on the market. Gas furnaces also tend to heat up faster than electric ones, which means they can save money by reducing the amount of time it takes to warm a home. This is especially helpful during the winter when temperatures drop outside and you want to get inside as quickly as possible.

Gas Furnaces Are Cheaper in the Long Run

The initial costs of a gas furnace are higher than those of an electric furnace. However, the difference in fuel costs more than makes up for the difference in installation prices and will save homeowners money each month on their utility bills. However, electric furnaces do last longer than gas furnaces, and are more environmentally friendly, which may be important to some homeowners. Electric furnaces are more cost effective in the long run because they do not require any additional expenses for fuel. They also last longer than gas furnaces by between 5 to 10 years, which means you won’t have to replace it as often. However, electric furnaces are more expensive upfront than gas furnaces and tend to be less efficient.


When comparing electric and gas furnaces, both types of furnaces are very efficient. They are able to heat a home quickly and efficiently, using less energy than other heating systems such as baseboard or forced air units. The efficiency of a gas furnace is slightly higher than that of an electric furnace, but the difference in efficiency is not significant enough to make up for the differences in installation costs and monthly energy bills.


Electric furnaces are generally much easier to install than gas furnaces, and are cheaper to Ac install as well. This is because they do not require a chimney or flue. All that is required for an electric furnace to work is a power outlet, which can be installed by a trusted heating contractor in as little as one day. Gas furnaces, on the other hand, must be installed by furnace professionals and require special venting systems. These can cost homeowners thousands of dollars more than an electric furnace would have cost them.


Electric furnaces are generally much easier to maintain than gas furnaces. They do not require any special maintenance, except for cleaning the filter once every few months. Gas furnaces, on the other hand, need regular inspections and servicing by qualified heating professionals. This can be quite expensive compared to an electric furnace, which only requires a simple filter change every so often. Because there are fewer components in an electric furnace, there are fewer pieces that can run into issues during its lifetime. However, with both furnace types, you can dramatically increase their expected lifetime through regular inspections and maintenance. A local furnace contractor can provide you with a complete inspection and maintenance plan to help you make the best decision for your home.

Resale value

Because electric furnaces last longer than their gas counterpart, they tend to have a better resale value. The cost of running an electric furnace is typically only a few hundred dollars more than its natural gas counterpart every year. This makes it a more attractive option for homeowners who are concerned about the resale value of their home. Electric furnaces also tend to be quieter than gas furnaces, which can help you sell your home if noise is an issue in your neighborhood.

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Furnace Installation in Mounds View MN

Furnace Installation in Mounds View MN

Furnace Installation in Mounds View MN

Furnace Installation in Mounds View MN

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