Furnace Repair in Crystal Minnesota

As the temperatures drop and the snow remains on the ground, it’s always important to have the option to reside safely and comfortably indoors. However, if your furnace isn’t functioning properly, this can be a major issue and lead to safety concerns, especially in the middle of winter. There are many signs to watch out for when it comes to a faulty furnace; here are 4 warning signs to watch for when it comes to furnace failure: Furnace Repair in Crystal Minnesota

Starting & Stopping

When your HVAC system cycles on and off, it is usually due to a component within the system being cut off before your furnace can finish the length of the heating cycle. There are many potential reasons why your HVAC system could be starting and stopping, such as the fan motor isn’t functioning as it should be or it’s dying, or it could mean that the heat sensor requires cleaning. If your furnace isn’t operating at its full cycle, contact your local HVAC contractor in Crystal to determine if your furnace requires repairs or what type of furnace maintenance it needs.

Unnatural Burner Flame Color

Natural-gas-powered furnaces should have a blue burner flame color, appear clean, and appear strong and stable. It may have a small yellow tip. This all indicates that your furnace is operating normally. Other flame colors, such as yellow or orange, can indicate that dirt has built up inside the burner or there is another problem with the furnace. If your burner flame color is any color other than blue, contact a licensed HVAC contractor right away to diagnose the problem and promptly make any necessary furnace repairs.

Old HVAC System

It might be the case that your furnace is old and has just seen better days. While an old furnace in and of itself isn’t necessarily a glaring indicator that your furnace is failing, it could mean that you should start looking into a furnace replacement. A furnace that has been well-maintained throughout the years can often last around 20 years, but many don’t last that long (especially those without proper maintenance). Keep your senses aware of anything out of the ordinary such as odd smells or noises.

High Energy Bills

Rising energy bills are an indicator that something is going on with your furnace. If your furnace is having issues with one or more of its components, it can be contributing to a lack of energy efficiency. When your furnace is working harder or longer to keep up, it’s using greater amounts of energy. High energy bills can be caused by several issues, so it’s a good idea to contact a local HVAC company to help determine the source of the problem in your HVAC system.

If your furnace is failing or if you suspect you need furnace repair in Crystal, contact All Climate Mechanical. It’s our priority to ensure homes have safe and reliable heat so that families can remain comfortable indoors any time of the year. Contact us to schedule an appointment for furnace repairs or furnace maintenance, or to learn more about how our HVAC system services can benefit you, and watch for Part 2 of this blog series.

Furnace Repair in Crystal Minnesota

Furnace Repair in Crystal Minnesota

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