Furnace Repair in New Hope Minnesota

A failing furnace is bad news, especially during the winter months when temperatures can get to be subzero and all you may want to do is stay indoors. Part 1 of this blog series noted that your furnace starting & stopping, an unnatural burner flame color, the age of your furnace, and high energy bills can all indicate a failing furnace. Here are 3 more warning signs of a failing furnace: Furnace Repair in New Hope Minnesota

Odd Noises & Smells

Homeowners are usually accustomed to hearing the typical noises associated with their HVAC system. The sound of the HVAC system kicking on and the light buzzing and humming during operation is usually normal for a furnace. However, be aware of any odd noises that are uncharacteristic of your HVAC system. This could include loud banging or rattling, squeaking or squealing, or any other noise you are unfamiliar with. Also be mindful of any odd smells such as rotten eggs, which could be a sign of a gas leak. Exit your home and follow all safety precautions, and ensure you contact your local HVAC contractor to determine the issue with your furnace and how to safely make furnace repairs.

Animal Infestation

When the temperatures drop and the winter elements are harsh, critters are looking for a warm and safe place to cozy up. Unfortunately, it isn’t impossible for animals seeking shelter to do so within the walls of your home. Critters such as mice, squirrels, chipmunks, and rats can do some major damage to your HVAC system. Many rodents can squeeze through extremely small cracks and holes, making your furnace susceptible. Keep your eyes out for signs of unwanted critters in your home and around your furnace such as droppings or nest materials. Also, be on the lookout for chewed wires and clogged vents. Animals can also seek shelter within the ductwork of your home, so it’s a good idea to get ductwork services to ensure your ducts remain vacant.

Frequent Need for Repairs

A major indicator that your furnace is failing is if you keep needing furnace repair services. An old furnace may contribute to the need for frequent repairs, but so can an overall lack of furnace maintenance. HVAC contractors offer Preventative Maintenance checks to help homeowners catch minor issues before they turn into major problems. A detailed check of the various components of your HVAC system will be assessed and tested to determine where the problem lies, what could be causing the problem, and the repairs that are necessary to help the furnace get back to normal operation. However, if you keep needing to contact an HVAC technician for continuous repairs, you may have the need for a furnace replacement in the near future.

If you suspect your furnace is failing, it’s important to take action immediately. All Climate Mechanical is proud to be your local HVAC contractor in New Hope; we help ensure homeowners and families are safe and secure with heat this winter. Contact us if you require furnace repair in New Hope, if you could benefit from preventative HVAC maintenance, or any of our other furnace services.

Furnace Repair in New Hope Minnesota

Furnace Repair in New Hope Minnesota

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